Sexual health advice
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COVID-19 Sexual Health Services

In response to COVID-19, there will be some changes to sexual health services in BANES. It may be harder than usual to access services, but there is still advice and support available. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Please DO NOT visit The Riverside Clinic or any sexual health services if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Last reviewed: 08/12/2021
Last updated: 03/02/2021

Temporary changes to sexual health services

The Riverside Clinic

The Riverside Clinic are no longer providing walk-in clinics. Riverside Clinic continue to provide a call back service for anyone with urgent needs and are now able to book appointments for more routine issues.

If you have queries about further supplies of oral contraception (pills) or Depo Provera injections, in the first instance please speak to your GP.

If you have any symptoms or need to see someone about a sexual health issue or contraception, please call 01225 826855 from 9am to 1pm Monday–Thursday, and 9am to 12pm Friday. This is a call-back service. A Receptionist will take your details and a Health professional will then call you back.

Community Pharmacy

Community pharmacies are currently providing a restricted service due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Visit BSWCCG to see the latest pharmacy opening times. If you require urgent help, such as emergency hormonal contraception, please phone the pharmacy ahead of your visit to confirm their opening hours.


General practices are currently providing a restricted service due to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you require urgent help, such as emergency hormonal contraception, further supplies of oral contraception (pills) and Depo Provera injections please phone your practice to get advice.

Clinic in a Box/School Nurses

Ran out of pills? Need emergency contraception? Or just looking for some advice? School Nurses are still available as always for sexual health advice. If you have your school nurse’s phone number give them a ring, if not phone the school nurse office on 01225 831666 between 9am–4pm. It is important to get help especially if emergency contraception is needed.


FREE condoms are still available with your C-card, however please phone ahead before travelling to a service as they may be closed or have reduced service times. Please do not visit these services if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

COVID-19 Looking after your sexual health

Condoms icon


Condoms can protect you from STIs and pregnancy! Use a condom! If you are under 25 and have a C-card you can access FREE condoms from local services. You can also buy condoms from supermarkets, pharmacies and online. Just make sure it is a brand you recognise.

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Check how many pills, patches or rings you have left in your packet. If you are running low contact your GP, The Riverside Clinic or School Nurse to let them know. Plan ahead to make sure you don’t run out. If you have run out, make sure you use condoms!

Emergency contraception icon

Emergency contraception

Don’t wait to access emergency contraception! Phone your local pharmacy, GP or School Nurse and they can help, even if you’re self-isolating or have COVID-19 symptoms. Emergency contraception is FREE for everyone from your GP, and free for under 25s from community pharmacies in BANES.

STI testing icon

STI Testing

If you have symptoms of an STI please phone The Riverside Clinic for advice. You can still pick up chlamydia self-testing kits from some pharmacies and GP surgeries. Remember wearing a condom reduces the risk of STIs.

Pregnancy icon


Pregnant and unsure what to do? Support services are still available, see our pregnancy page for more information. If you are pregnant and think you may need an abortion please contact Marie Stopes on 0345 300 8090 for 24 hour confidential advice.

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The safest person to have sex with is yourself! If you are going to have sex with someone else, make sure you use a condom to prevent STIs and pregnancy. To prevent transmission of COVID-19, avoid kissing or having sex with someone who is unwell. Remember there are plenty of ways you can show someone you care without having sex.

PEP icon


If you need PEP (Post exposure Prophylaxis) please phone The Riverside Clinic for further advice. If outside of hours please phone 111. The Terrence Higgins Trust has more information on PEP.

Keeping Safe

Online Safety

It may be tempting to sext or send pictures If you can’t see your partner at this time. Remember once you send a picture you cannot control who sees that image. Please visit Brook for practical tips on how to keep safe online. If you are being pressured into sexting or sending pictures, this is not okay. Speak to someone you trust and visit Childline or for advice on keeping safe online.

Feeling unsafe at home?

Are you under 18 and feeling unsafe or scared at home? If you are in immediate danger, always call 999 and ask for the Police. If you are worried and would like to speak to someone visit Childline or phone 0800 1111.

Are you worried about your relationship? Self-isolating with someone who makes you feel unsafe? There are services that can help. If you are in immediate danger, always call 999 and ask for the Police. If you would like to speak to someone there are free confidential services available. Women’s Aid and Refuge Freephone 24-Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 2000 247 and Men’s Advice Line: 0808 8010327.

Sexual Assault

If you’ve experienced sexual assault or rape then it’s really important to get help. You can get help from The Bridge on 0117 342 6999. They will listen to you even if you find it very hard to talk. They will believe you. They will explain the help that is available to you and support you to decide what you want to do next.

Emotional health

Feeling anxious or worried about COVID-19? Not being able to see friends and family making you feel sad? If you need to speak to someone during this time about your mental or emotional health please take a look at the links below, you are not alone.


Call 116 123 to speak to someone for free, everyday 24 hours.


Support for under 18s, phone 0800 1111. Childline offers a huge range of support and you can also chat online to counsellor.


Offers free 24/7 advice and support if you are a young person experiencing a mental health crisis.


Offers free online confidential counselling and support for young people.

Chat health

School Nurses have a confidential ChatHealth text service. The service is for young people aged 11–19 looking for advice on a wide range of issues such as emotional health and wellbeing, sexual health, bullying as well as support with drugs and alcohol. Text a School Nurse on 07507 334357 between 9am–4pm for confidential advice and support.

Project 28

Project 28 is our young people’s drug and alcohol service in Bath and North East Somerset. The service is free and confidential. Project 28 can provide online and telephone support at this time.

Off the Record

Provides a range of free services including counselling, listening support, youth participation, advocacy and specialist groups, support for care leavers and a LGBT+ focused youth group. Off the Record are able to provide online and telephone support at this time.