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Sexual health advice
for everyone

Thinking about having sex?

Take our quiz to help find out if you’re ready or not.

Question 1

Do you feel you could say ‘NO’ if you wanted to?

Question 2

Can you have a laugh together without anything sexual involved?

Question 3

Have you made a special connection with someone and it feels right to have sex?

Question 4

Is your partner pressuring you to have sex?

Question 5

Do you want to have sex for yourself and not to please the other person?

Question 6

Do you want to have sex because all of your friends are doing it?

Question 7

Are you embarrassed to talk to your partner about condoms?

Question 8

Have you both agreed what contraception you will use?

Question 9

Do you understand the risks involved in having sex? (pregnancy, STIs)

Question 10

Do you think you might regret it later?