In response to COVID-19, there will be some changes to sexual health services in BANES. Click here for service updates and information.
Sexual health advice
for everyone

Thinking about having sex?

Take our quiz to help find out if you’re ready or not.

Question 1

Do you feel you could say ‘NO’ if you wanted to?

Question 2

Can you have a laugh together without anything sexual involved?

Question 3

Have you made a special connection with someone and it feels right to have sex?

Question 4

Is your partner pressuring you to have sex?

Question 5

Do you want to have sex for yourself and not to please the other person?

Question 6

Do you want to have sex because all of your friends are doing it?

Question 7

Are you embarrassed to talk to your partner about condoms?

Question 8

Have you both agreed what contraception you will use?

Question 9

Do you understand the risks involved in having sex? (pregnancy, STIs)

Question 10

Do you think you might regret it later?